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  • Hydro foil board

    Material: EPS, carbon fiber, epoxy resin, stringers Sandwich structure Round nose Foot straps attached Foil wing box installed Size: 4’10”X21” X3  5/8”  50L Color: customized Many models of foil wings available

  • Racing board

    Material: EPS, fiberglass,resin and carbon Top: 2Xcarbon standing 45/45        High density PVC foam        Plain weave glass: 0/90 Rail: 3X carbon standing 45/45        Plain weave glass 0/90        High density PVC foam        Plain weave glass 0/90        Precise cut EPS…

  • Leash plugs

    Material: PA66 Weight: 17g Height 26cm Outer diameter 4.2cm inside diameter 3.5CM 316SUS pin